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Tips to clean your car and make it shine like a mirror using only 1 liter of water and a microfibre cloth, following the application of our long-term shine high technology treatment!



During the spring, the summer, and the fall, your car will stay very clean and shiny:


Save your time, money, and efforts during the summer with Perma Clean Car. No more monthly waxing means no more weekly trips to the car-wash!


1) Use only 1 liter of water and two microfibre cloths (one for washing and one for drying).


*If you still wish to go to the car-wash, use only soap and water, no wax. Did you know that you go through over 180 liters of water when you go to the car - wash?


During the winter, your car will stay very clean and shiny:



1) If the outside temperature is higher than 1° Celsius, follow the same procedure as during spring, summer, and fall.



2) If it snows, you can clean your car with the clean accumulation of snow that builds up on it.


Use a handful of the snow on your cloth to clean your car.


*Warning: Make sure the snow is clean and free of small pebbles, sand, or any litter.


3) If salt has built up on your car


a) Use the clean accumulated snow to wash it. Put a handful of the snow on your cloth and clean your car. The salt will wash away easier.


b) You can also go to the car-wash and use the soap and water if you prefer.


Protects your car’s paint job from atmospheric contaminations and preserve car's value condition with Perma Clean Car.

Shiny and bright for 12 months including winter! 


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